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Flexing atrophied muscles

Coffee... Coffee. Right. Just a coffee. That's all I want. I'm nearly certain that it's even what I ordered. Coffee. I remember it clearly.

"What'll you have?" the barista asked with a vague note in her voice that made it clear she was was unconcerned with the answer.


"Yeah. Got that. This is a coffee house. But what do you want?" She gave me a bored stare and picked absently at the multiple piercings in her ear.

"A coffee, please. A, ah, large one I guess."

"This one?" holding the smallest of the three paper cups.

"No. Umm. Large. The big one there."

"That's a 'Vicci.' So what kind of coffee do you want?" twirling the pen absently.

"I don't know. You know; coffee."

"Right. K. Tell you what - I'll get you something that's popular."

So now I'm sipping something that tastes of cheap chocolate from a cardboard cup and wiping what I can only assume is whipped cream from my lip.

Tomorrow I go back to the diner.
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Why? Just - why? Why must people do this?
On October 31,2003 Lt. K'Allen and 2nd Lt Torsha became husband and wife in a private ceremony on Earth.Many of their shipmates were in the wedding.Shipmembers in attendance and all in uniform were Warrant Officer Jendarith, who performed the ceremony,Lt. Ri'Par who was best man,Marine Captain K'klarj as groomsman,and 2nd Lt J'Lok as bridesmaid.The Worf/Dax version was done and the happy couple spent the night out in a terran drinking establishment.The entire ship wishes the ship CO and his wife a long,happy union!
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Tipping elsewhere

A distant time ago rzr_grl shared a story that provoked some interesting conversation about tipping.

Having been raised in the Bay Area I've come to know that tipping is the polite thing to do, etc. In the last two months I've had the opportunity to share that tipping heritage with other parts of the world. Reactions by the local wait-staff were varied:

Munich, Germany: Despite no evidence that tipping is customary (no cash left on bars, no tip jars) the wait-staff simply accepted the tips and wandered off. My impression was that they were not about to correct the dumbass foreigner that overpaid for the meal/drink/whatever. It should be noted, however, that credit card charge slips did have a space for tips, so I don't think the whole thing was crazy-weird to them.

Paris, France: Not only was tipping customary, but I got the distinct feeling that no matter how I tipped I was still tipping below their expectation. The service also appeared unaffected by the level of tipping - the wait staff always projected the impression that they were doing me a big favor by talking to me. Of course I was there for less than a day and was eating on the Champs Elysees, so I'm certain this had something to do with things. Had I had time to explore less touristy places things may have improved.

London, England (and the greater London area): Very similar to Munich, though I did see one tip jar at a small cafe in Farnham. Not much else to report here - Tips appeared to be marginally expected, but were not considered an automatic part of the transaction.

Tokyo, Japan: After enjoying a ramen and a beer I paid my bill, left a few 100 Yen coins (this is ~$1 per 100 Yen) on the table, and left the restaurant. About ten seconds later the waiter came chasing after me. He pressed the coins into my hand and, in very broken English, explained to me that I had accidentally forgotten some money on the table. He would not accept them back. None of the credit card slips had a place for tips. There were no tip jars. This extended to the various pubs that I stumbled across as well (There was an English Pub, and Irish Pub, and some crazy thing called a Canadian Bar all within about ten minutes walk from my hotel).
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I'm in trouble now

Seems I've got myself in trouble with me. I've evidently sent me a warning mail about my behavior:
Dear user of e-mail server "Dzm.com",

Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

For details see the attach.

Attached file protected with the password for security reasons. Password is 48652.

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For those of you that are wondering about this - I am dzm.com.

Virii are funny.